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Performeance Parameters£º
¡ö Flow£º5~1000 m3/h
¡ö Inlet pressure£º-0. 06~0. 6MPa
¡ö Outlet pressure£º2. 0~10. 0MPa
¡ö Medium temperature£º-20~120¡æ
¡ö Medium viscosity£º50~1000 mm2/s
¡ö Revolving speed£º900~1800 r/min
¡ö Characteristics£ºHigh pressure withstand, low failure rate, long service life and convenient change of wearing parts.
¡ö Application£ºIt is mainly applied to remote high voltage transmission occasions such as desert oilfield, marginal oil field and satellite oilfield, or used in supercharging pump of the system.

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