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Tianjin Lilin Material Research Institute was established in 2010 and directly under the Office of Chief Engineer. It belongs to the R&D Department of the LILIN GROUP, it has chemical laboratories, mechanical laboratories, non-destructive testing and other departments. It is mainly responsible for the introduction of new materials, new technologies, new technology research and development, energy saving, efficiency enhancement and environmental protection. The application and innovation of consumption and so on.
Main responsibilities include material using technology, heat treatment technology, forging technology, welding technology, surface hard facing and protection technology, chemical analysis, mechanical analysis, non-destructive testing analysis, online performance testing and analysis, etc.
The laboratory has nearly 100 sets well-known brand testing equipment, including scanning electron microscopy, SAM, EDS, infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer, plasma emission spectrum, optical emission spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrometer, spectroscopy and other precision testing equipment.
Optical microscope, density balance, coercive magnetic analyzer, rubber burning detector, Mooney tester, friction tester and other conventional analysis equipment.
Material Research Institute plays an active role in supporting the new product development and product upgrade of enterprises, including the application technology of wear-resistant materials for downhole motor, HOVF instead of chrome plating for salt water corrosion-resistant technology, research on long-life bearings for downhole motor, welding technology for special materials, enterprise production automation equipment application. Failure analysis, on site data acquisition, products performance test and analysis, optimization of heat treatment technology and forging process, etc.
founded in 2010, the company has completed the optimization technology of new wear-resistant bearing, raising the yield rate to more than 98%.
In 2011, the application of cermet powder in supersonic spraying technology was scarce in the domestic downhole application industry at that time. Successful examples were very precious.
In 2012, the company formulated enterprise standards for the use of steel and precision pipe materials.
in 2013, The laboratory passed CNAS certification.
In 2014, the company systematically classified and summarized the failure analysis of products, and proposed solutions, upgraded the heat treatment production line, optimized the machining production process, and gradually improved the inspection technology, greatly improving the product quality.
In 2016, we designed our own TBM special steel and forging tools to be used in xinjiang bridge bureau, shanxi hydraulic power and other areas, and the product quality has been greatly improved.
In 2017, the independent TBM seal structure was successfully developed, and its service life is comparable to that of international top brands.
In 2018, participated in automatic transformation and completed the upgrading of multiple automatic production lines with other departments of the company and foreign cooperative companies.
In 2019, Participated with BV's update and revision of the new DS-1 international standard.
Since established, the enterprise has implemented key projects, under the leadership of the chief engineer's office, cooperated with Tianjin Lilin screw research institute, Tianjin Lilin bit research institute, QC and engineering Department of Tianjin Lilin Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. and other departments to actively carry out collaboration, and completed more than ten innovative projects of enterprises, with Southwest Petroleum University, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Xi'an Moore laboratory, Fushun Special Steel and other universities, enterprise experts and technical departments have established close contacts.
Actively visiting domestic and foreign suppliers and partners, establishing closer cooperation and contacts, participating in annual oil and gas exhibitions and shows, such as the largest oil and gas show in China- CIPPE and largest oil and gas show in the world wide- OTC.

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